Etsy shop for Gingermegs Vintage

etsy gingermegs vintage

Etsy is an online market place which sells the finest vintage and the most fabulous artisian crafts, I’m not sure why it took us so long to move our online shop there! We’re still stocking vintage from the 1800s up until the 1950s , but we’ve increased our range of fine jewellery and older vintage, as well as adding a vintage menswear section.

The past four months has been going swimingly, so I am going to take this opportunity to show off some of the pieces that I have sold.

1930s evening gown

The 1930s evening gown above is an absoolute stunner, the fabric looks to be shot with gold and the construction of the bodice is sublime. I adore the key hole back and the quirky bow on the bum. It’s one of those pieces that I shall miss, although I was glad to see it worn by one of my most favourite customers.

1920s blouse- 1920s devore blouse

The 1920s devore blouse above will forever be in my heart. It is beyond beautiful. The silk velvet is screen printed and has tiny pink birds and colourful folliage admidst the ‘burn out’ of the devore. How something so delicate survived so well I know not.

art deco 1930s dress

Made from a brown satin type rayon crepon with devore collars and quited deep satin cuffs this gorgeous 1930s dress is realy rather special. Brown can be a hard one to sell, but I love it!

yellow 1930s evening gown with jacket

This yellow floral 1930s gown and jacket went to just the right person, I love it when that happens. There is the perfect person for every piece out there somewhere.

1930s play suit- 1930s beach set

I do love a play suit or beach set and this late 1930s pairing was one of my favourites to date. It was in such good condition too!

1920s assuit tunic dress

I had had this 1920s assuit tunic for quite a while, stashed away in a drawer. It sold within a couple of hours of me listing it on Etsy and I was glad to see it finally fly the nest.

1920s assuit coat

This mind blowing assuit coat from the 1920s left the building soon after it came in, i’m glad to say I got a chance to have a wee prance around the shopwith it on though!.