1950s dress, who wouldn’t want one!

Who doesn’t love a 1950s dress? There’s a style for everyone whether they love flowers or polka dots, prints or plain. From a sassy wiggle dress to a frothy frivolous prom dress or a feminine, floral day dress.

1950s polka dot dress
Marilyn Monroe in a 1950s polka dot dress
1950s polka dot dress
A pretty 1950s polka dot dress from the shop

The 50s marked a huge change in western fashion. The war was over and 10 years of rationing in the UK came to an end. Fashions were feminine and luxurious and style ruled over functionality.

Dior's New Look
Dior’s New Look, 1948


Dior, 1953
Dior, 1953

Dior’s ‘New Look’ of 1947 had changed the way women would dress over the coming decade and the streamlined, practical fashions of the 1940s made way for looks that were by and large impractical as women left the factories, farms and offices and went back to work in the home.

As if turning back the clocks 100 years, women wore corsets, hip pads and full skirts. Waists were cinched, and busts lifted. Skirts that were not full were often tapered from the hips so that small steps must be taken, and women wiggled whilst they walked.

1950s rose print dress
1950s rose print dress from Gingermegs Vintage


1950s wiggle dress
A silk 1950s wiggle dress from Gingermegs Vintage

I am not convinced that the 1950s were a great decade for women. They seemingly lost the freedoms and the equalities of opportunity that they gained in the workplace. Once again a woman’s place was in the home, as a housewife and a mother, and this must have been hard for some. However, the 50s was a great decade for fashion and a 1950s dress will see you right at many occasions, from a picnic in the park to a summer wedding or a day at the races.

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