1940s weekend at the black country museum

The Black Country Living Museum first opened in 1978, and I first visited in the early 1980s. I have loved the place ever since. When I heard about the 1940s weekend at the Black Country Museum a few years back I was desperate to get involved. My favourite era celebrated in one of my favourite places, how could I not be part?

1940s tatoos
A happy me showing off my 1930s/40s tattoo       designs at the BCLM 1940s weekend

Over the course of the weekend, 1940’s reenactors put on a wide variety of displays and show the public how life was lived and experienced during the war. There are soldiers,  mechanics, school children, land girls and civilians going about their day to day life in the village. The reenactors wear uniforms and civilian clothing from the 1940s, they drive vehicles from the era and the children play with toys that were played with during the war. It is a fascinating, educational and fun affair and I can not recommend it highly enough.

1940s reenactors
photograph by Anthony Cartwright


1940s weekend at the BCLM
view from outside my stall


black country museum 40s weekend

photograph by Anthony Cartwright
photograph by Anthony Cartwright

I have a stall selling original 1940s clothing and accessories at the 1940s weekend and it’s a great place to find a genuine 1940s dress or a 1940s coat to keep you warm.

1940s clothing
                                            my stall


vintage mannequin
My vintage mannequin dressed in a 1940s coat

This year’s celebration of the 1940s was the best yet, and I can not wait until next year.

ps, before anyone moans, some ladies in the 1940s did have tattoos.