Birmingham Vintage leaves the Custard Factory

It was over four years ago that I first opened the doors of Gingermegs Vintage. I had a tiny space in the Custard Factory with room for only three rails of clothing and some accessories. I lasted 6 weeks before I outgrew the space and moved to number 6 Gibb St, where I stayed for 4 years.

The opening of gingermegs vintage birmingham -custard factory
Opening day in a TINY space


vintage shop
Shop number two in the Custard Factory

My business went from strength during my tenancy. The shop appeared on Channel 4’s This Old Thing and in various publications including the Birmingham Mail. I had a fabulous time and met the most amazing, talented and skilled people. Sadly, for the past 18 months, I, along with other tenants felt that we were being let down by our landlord, or that we weren’t part of their plan for the future.

1920s vintage birmingham
A 1920s, peaky blinders inspired window display                                            in the shop

Long before my contract ended I made the decision to leave and start afresh. Urban Village and Flamingo had left and the foot-fall was dire.  A few weeks ago I created my final window display of vintage fashion at The custard Factory.

vintage evening gowns -1930s evening gown -1940s evening gown
My final window display of vintage evening gowns

I am so excited for the future and know that the right decision has been made. My new store will be opening in the Jewellery Quarter very soon and I will be surrounded by not just jewels, but independent designers, fabulous cafes and bars and my good friend and one time CF resident Vicky of Blakeley-Browns. It’s going to be epic!

Although my new place is first floor, it has great visibility, with wonderful windows and is so bright and airy. It’s been hard work getting it ready to go but I’m nearly there and it’s going to be the perfect space to show off my collection